Bob James - Northern New Jersey Consulting - Real-time Embedded Firmware

Conrad A. Pecile
Corporate R&D Manager, Myers Power Products (Direct Manager)
Bob has been providing embedded consultant services over ten years for Myers interfacing our products to customers through a keypad/display, serial interface, or other communication device. He has a broad depth of knowledge in embedded design, pays close attention to detail, and is a great asset to any team.
January 30, 2012

Jeff Wagner
Principal Scientist/ManagerRudolph Research Analytical (Colleague), Professional Profile on
I have worked with Bob for many years through multiple employers and countless projects. Several projects involved sophisticated algorithms that pushed the limits of the target device. The quality of his work is the highest and his passion and concern for the long-term success of his customers' products is exceptional.
February 13, 2012

Guy Teipel
President, Go2Power (Direct Manager), Professional Profile on
Bobs background in engineering coupled with his vast experience in embedded programming makes him a valuable asset for any project. He is capable of analyzing what needs to be done and develops a code structure by fragmenting complex compiles into manageable, self contained and re-usable sections. Bob is a code developer not just a programmer - this difference is what makes him such a valuable member of a project. His ethics, abilities and talent are key ingredients for success.
February 16, 2012

Richard C. Spanier
President/CEO, Rudolph Research Analytical (Colleague, Direct Manager)
“I have been working with Bob James as both a colleague and in a consulting capacity for 20 years. In all my experiences, I have found Bob James to be a man of integrity and having a genuine commitment to getting the job done properly.

Bob brings an unusual set of skills to our engineering team, as he has the ability and background to function in an electrical engineering capacity, as well as program various micro processors and design complicated embedded firmware. In addition, Bob is able to work with our GUI programmers by developing the interface protocol linking the firmware code with the customer's GUI experience.

Bob James has proven himself able to be a flexible team player working with our scientists, electrical engineers, product managers and GUI programmers in a cooperative and effective manner.

I believe Bob James can bring value to any engineering group looking to develop sophisticated embedded products.”
February 22, 2012